Nebraska Wesleyan University: First College in the World To Perform Musical About Princess Diana

Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln NE is the first College to produce ‘Princess Diana, the Musical’. It features 32 original songs by Karen Sokolof Javitch; has a cast of 32 players. The drama chronicles her life from shy young woman to the charming, compassionate Princess loved world-wide.

 She is missed today as much as ever, because she gave so much to so many people. I wanted to capture her essence – her heart. But an added bonus is bringing her to life for a generation of students who were very young when she died. That’s why this musical is so good for schools. Princess Diana is someone they can all look up to, especially the girls.

Lincoln, Neb.  May 31, 2009 — They didn’t know a lot about the Princess of Wales when they started, but now these 24 college students are well-versed in the life of Princess Diana and her failed marriage to Prince Charles. Why? They are rehearsing the original show, ‘Princess Diana the Musical’, by Omaha playwrights Karen Sokolof Javitch and Elaine Jabenis. This is the world-wide debut of a University production. Many students say they were just mesmerized by the music and wanted to be part of this historic story!
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The 32 songs chronicle Diana’s life from her courtship with Prince Charles through their marriage and divorce. Ms. Javitch wrote the songs as she was grieving for the princess. “She is missed today as much as ever, because she gave so much to so many people. I wanted to capture her essence – her heart. But an added bonus is bringing her to life for a generation of students who were very young when she died. That’s why this musical is so good for schools. Princess Diana is someone they can all look up to, especially the girls.”

Many scenarios familiar to Diana admirers will be portrayed in the musical including Charles and Diana’s romance, wedding, and the ongoing Camilla conflict. Other key characters include Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Prince Philip and Fergie, her sister-in-law. The songs express humor, adoration, jealousy, love and more while telling the story of Princess Diana’s desperation to love and be loved.

Chuck Penington of the Grammy-award winning group, Mannheim Steamroller, arranged the music for Princess Diana, the Musical and is performing with his band.

Nebraska Wesleyan University will put on 8 shows in Lincoln and Omaha. Jack Parkhurst, the director, says that the musical is also perfect for community theatres and high schools to produce. For information about ‘Princess Diana the Musical’, call 402-393-3893 or visit our website


More New Diana Video Clips

I was able to get a few more Diana video clips completed last night. Some will be added later on today but the ones that are being loaded today are  the following programs.

peoplesprincesscaptureThe People’s Princess  From 48 Hours in 1998.

 another program that I missed back then. Great footage and comentary on Diana. There are 6 clips on this program.

A Clip From Entertainment tonight on the Opening of Althrop’s Diana Musuem. As well as a news Clip from Portland Orgeon on the impact Diana ‘s death had on the northwest.


New Diana Video Clips added to The Diana Channel

Courtesty of my friend Jody who is in Hungary at the moment  hopefully enjoying the Diana a celebration exhibit. We now have several new Diana video clips and programs coming to the Diana Channel. It will take me awhile to get these shows all moved to dvds and edited for the channel due to my work schedule but i promise to post when I have new ones up.

Now for the newest shows I have uploaded.


Barbara Walters did a special in 1999 called 100 Years of Great Women.  Diana of course was included in this list.  Some great comentary from lengadary women who knew her or wished they had known her,  great footage as well.  


I  first heard about this program when I found a advertisement for it in a collection of clippings, I have been looking for it ever since . Well Jody has been apparently keeping it safe and sound her her video closet. This show also includes some great footage and comments on Diana as well. There are 5 clips to this show.  I hope you enjoy them both until I can get some more uploaded.

Blood Royal By John Pearson


Blood Royal tells the Story of the Spencers and their relationship with the Royal family through history. I read this book in one day the amount of history in this book is awesome although the chapters are fairley brief. The fascinating tale of each generation’s task of keeping Althorp for the future Spencers was enough to hold your attention . The tale of Diana’s stepmother redecorating the century old  house was really interesting it really needed 2 more chapters on that subject.  Diana’s legacy entered at the end of the book her marriage to Prince Charles forever changed her family’s legacy and fufilled one of thier ancestors biggest goals.  Her burial at the estate has helped  cement her brother’s legacy as the ninth Earl as well and provide her family home some income for its upkeep.  I really enjoyed the book as well as all the little fascianting  tidbits about the family and the estate. If you can locate a copy of this rare book on the family be sure to grab it. Rating: A

Catalog Picture of New Diana Doll


Today my Franklin Mint catalog arrived in the mail today.The new Diana doll was also included. I am very excited about this one. I think that its the color of the gown that makes it so beautiful and the hair looks fabulous.  The last couple of dolls I have recieved from the Mint the hair has been really great. So if the hair on this one looks half as good as it does in the ad I am going to be really happy. The end of the month is approaching  so she will began shipping pretty soon and I will be sure to have actual photos up as soon as mine arrives.

My Diana Tv Movie Collection Completed

dianatv One eveing  in 2003 while working on my website I came across a section in the 1997 tv guide on tv films made on Diana’s life. From there the Diana tv movie section was born. Along with my quest to aquire all the tv films . The Movie section is now one of the most popular sections on the All Things Diana  website.I hope it will continue to grow as more films are made on this remarkable woman . Last week I recieved the final film I was missing in the mail The Murder of Princess Diana.  It has been so hard for me to get a hold of this film even though it is fairly recent .  Lifetime has not released it yet on dvd and to get a decent copy off ebay is almost impossible. Thank goodness I had  another contact who was able to to get this film to me for $10.00! I now feel like I have caught up on on the movies and I can now rest until another Diana film is released!

In the next couple of days I will be editing the Murder of Princess Diana  and making a video clip for it for you all to enjoy.

DVR Alert: Diana on the ID Channel

It’s that time again time to get your Dvd recorder primed and Clear Some space on your DVR’s and ready to record all things Diana. This Month  we can catch Diana on the Investigation Discovery channel  so far these are the only 2 shows dedicated to her.   If you miss them they will be aired on the Diana Channel next month.
Arch Enemies 
May 28, 4:00 am (60 minutes
Princess Diana vs. The Royal Family
She was the fairytale princess who nabbed Britain’s most eligible bachelor. And, on July 29, 1981, as three quarters of a billion people watched, Prince Charles and Princess Diana took their vows. But what looked like a storybook wedding, was a façade.
Unsolved History
Death of Princess Diana
 May 28, 5:00 am
On August 31, 1997, the world learned of the tragic death of Princess Diana. Her car hit a concrete pillar at high speed in the Pont De L’Alma tunnel in Paris. The driver, Henri Paul, had consumed alcohol, but what other factors lead to the accident?

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