UK’s Tesco’s Tribute to Diana Diana Rememmbered


This is only available in the UK at thier Tesco Stores. It is a beautiful soft cover book with82 pages of Diana memories inside. It cost 3£ In the Uk which averages out to $5.97 .


Concert For Diana Program


The Concert For Diana programs seem to be bringing in alot of money for those who

are selling it on ebay. The problem is the prices are going way beyond reasonable. Thank goodness Diana’s sons are offering the program for sell thru the website for the orignal price 10 pounds=$20.00 in the US . You can get  one atHttp://

Dont spend the big bucks and line peoples pockets wth money. Spend it on the website and help the boys support thier mother’s work.

    Thank you William and Harry for making these available to all of us.

Diana 10th Anniversary Tribute book from Tv Guide Canada

Canadian Tv Guide Tribute 

Beautiful soft cover book from the makers of Tv guide in Canada.

this is organized by the year and ends with Diana’s legacy. Great photos and lots to read.It’s 98 pages long and very well put together. the orignal prices is 7.99.It is not available in the US  so you have to go to ebay for a copyThis book gets 9 on a scale of 1-10