New Cards from Geri and More

I know I haven’t been posting much on the Diana front but most of that is due to I went on vacation to Texas and came home and I  have been enjoying the nice hot weather.I have been keeping up with all of geri’s latest cards and scrambling to collectthe ones I missed out on during my vacation.  I did managed to finally get all the Diana shoes from Hamilton collections and as soon as i havea few hours with my camera I will be uploading them  to the blog .

Geri’s latest Diana Cards The Kiss and Expecting William.  

 I hope every one is enjoying the Summer while it  last. I will be posting  Special tribute to Diana on the Anniversary of her death so watch for that.


Althorp on Diana’s 49th Birthday Photos and News

As usual my dear friend Beth Taylor went to Althorp to lay Flowers for Diana   as she does every year for all of her overseas friends. and She took som awesome photos.  the first one was quite a shock for those of us who are visiting Althorp thru the computer screen, as it seems that the  main house is undergoing  restoration and will be that way for the next year or so.

Photos belong to Beth Taylor

Acording to Beth every thing else seems to be open such as the stables and shop.

you can still walk the grounds and make your way to the oval which is still as beautiful as the day Diana was laid to rest there. Diana did receive flowers from her two sons and their flowers were rowed across to the oval that day. It happened to be quite warm  yesterday as the tourist made their way to celebrate Diana’s birthday. it just goes to show you no matter how much  some people wish that Diana’s legacy would go away  she is still there with in the hearts of the people who loved and admired  her.
Thank you Bethy for sharing your photos and taking flowers for me this year.