Shine Your Light Cd


I discovered this song Shine your Light while looking for music for the musical section of my website. you can purchase a copy thru the artist’s website.


ITUNEs’s Tribute to Diana


I stumbled upon this on itunes while searching for another song.It is a complitation of  various songs that celebrate the life of Diana , Princess of Wales.This Album is available to purchase on  ITunes.

The Last Days of a Princess ( Tv Movie)

41h-uscohrl__aa240_.jpgDiana: Last Days of a Princess

A decade after the tragic death of Princess Diana, controversy and conspiracy still surround the events leading up to her death. Head back to late summer 1997 for the personal story behind the untimely demise of one of the 20th Century’s greatest icons.
 Note: This movie will be shown on TLC  August 12th . But you can order the movie at Amazon From the looks of the cover it looks like they did a great job with the costumes.

Royal Doulton Diana Figurine wearing Lot 73


Royal Doulton has presented us with a another beautiful Diana figurine this one is wearing the crushed purple velvet dress. Also known as lot73 .She retails for $279.99 in the US  and you can purchase her from  a shop in Florida  Best Wishes

The Diana Princess of Wales Candle Snuffer


This beautiful candle snuffer is made by Peter Jones China . The figurine part of  Diana is made very well. anda great likness of her.

 Product code:442782

Manufactured by Bronte Porcelain

Price £165.00

Limited edition of 200

Queen of Hearts Tiara Bracelet By the Franklin Mint


This bracelet was first presented to us in 2003 and then it dissapeared.  Since the Franklin Mint changed hands it is now back. A very pretty piece but it is priced a little too high for my liking @ $295.00.

The Queen of Hearts necklace Danbury Mint


This neckalace is done by the Danbury Mint. It is suppose to look like Diana’s engagement ring. right now it is only being sold in the Uk

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