Taking a Trip To Dresses for Humanity II From My Couch


Since I was not able to get to Florida and see this exhibit in person this DVD was the next best thing. First of all the person who took the video took great care to focus the camera and made sure we were able to see the dresses and outfits up close. She took shots of all the photo cards and memorabilia that was on display. The things that were on display were really unique such as several hand written letters from Diana to various staff members.One of the neatest things  that was on display is Diana’s hand written hair appointment schedule.  There were three oufits that I am sure most of of us have not seen before in print or video are also included in the exhibit.This would make a great gift idea for any one who wanted to see this event in person but couldn’t afford the trip to Florida.  If you would like to purchase a copy of this wonderful dvd click  here .

Happy Mothers Day!


Special Edition All Start Concert 1986 The Prince’s Trust DVD


I found this Dvd on ebay shortly after Diana’s birthday concert aired.

Some of the songs that were sung at the Concert for Diana are on this DVD.

Elton John’s Your Song

I’m still Standing

Rod Stewart’s Sailing

The only thing is when you first get it you have to go to set up and do the following things to get it to play where we can enjoy it.The Cover is not that great they could have picked  a better photo of the couple but because this DVD was made in Korea i think they chose this photo from their last official visit there.it does have some great footageof Diana dancing and greeting the stars. 

1Put dvd in your player go to the Menu select Set Up

2Then if you want the captions select English if not select none

3Then for the sound go to Dolby digital English 1.5.

4 Resume Play

it should now play the show with the music.

follow these steps if you want to play it on the computer as well.

The Last Days of a Princess ( Tv Movie)

41h-uscohrl__aa240_.jpgDiana: Last Days of a Princess

A decade after the tragic death of Princess Diana, controversy and conspiracy still surround the events leading up to her death. Head back to late summer 1997 for the personal story behind the untimely demise of one of the 20th Century’s greatest icons.
 Note: This movie will be shown on TLC  August 12th . But you can order the movie at Amazon From the looks of the cover it looks like they did a great job with the costumes.

Concert For Diana Dvd


The DVD of the entire concert is currently under production and will be released later in the year.

Diana tribute to the People’s Princess{Tv Movie}

The Tv movie that came out in 1998. Starring Amy Seccombe as Diana.
this edition has special features
  The Making of Featurette: “Diana, the Movie They Wanted to Ban”
# Bonus Documentary: “Diana: Angel of Mercy”
# All Regions, NTSC
# Language: English
# 158 mins

It is also being released asa box set in August .

Diana Ten years On DVD

8dab_1.jpg This dvd is basically a re~release of Diana queen of hearts. hosted by her friend Lord Attenbourgh . it was free with the Daily Mail along with a free pull out newspaper.It’s nota bad dvd  but it would have been nice to have something with new footage on it.