New Look and Domain Name For Website

I have been taking break from the website but not from Diana  Since I switched the domain name From Dani’s Palace to All things to Diana I have decided to Concentrate on my collection  on the website.  There is a wonderful Source for Diana news  at my friend’s website Princess Diana Remembered.  Her Link is on the left hand side of the blog.  I will be concentrating on Diana collectibles only.  I will be posting as much Information as as I can So please be patient as I get thing back up and running here. Website Here


The Diana Chronicles To Buy Or Not to Buy


I am a bit torn about this book I have no idea if im going to buy it yet  On one hand I am like the rest of the world interested in the gossip behind the book and wanting to find out what really was going on in Diana’s mind those last few years of her life. On the other hand I feel that it is just another chance to cash in on Diana’s legacy. And another chance to try to deminsh her image in the minds of those of us who admired her for being who she was. A caring person who had flaws like the rest of us, for right now I’m still just reading the little chapters that appear in the magazines and what shows up on the net.  I will post more after I read the excerpts. 

A Passion for the Princess Still Going Strong 10 Years On

For the last ten years I have been collecting on Diana , Princess of Wales. I have seen some beautiful items and some really tacky things. This is my journal of all the items that I have found  over the years some old some new what ever the age as long as it is Diana it will be feautred here.  Now that the ten year anniversary is creeping up on us it is getting harder and harder to keep up with all the releases. If it’s worth thinking about i’ll post about it on this journal.I am just a collector  not an expert on any of the items that will appear on this site. After the anniversary I will start sharing about the about the items in my private collection .