Diana: Tragic Love On Bio Channel August 31st

ditvpicbackDiana: Tragic Love A balanced picture of the Princess of Wales, with candid comments from people who knew her best. Includes interviews with everyone–from close advisors to her nanny, hairdresser and speechwriter as well as teachers and her personal trainer. Check you local schedule  for airing times.


New Video Uploaded


A Clip from the Program Fascinating Women of 1997 from Ladie’s Home journal has been uploaded today on the Diana Channel

New Diana Videos Uploaded to the Diana Channel

I took some time today to fill up a Dvd with some really neat Diana shows. the following shows have been uploaded this evening.

CapturehapersbazzeronetET Takes a look at Harper Bazzar’s Tribute to Diana.

larrykingdianalegacyshowLarry King’s Tribute show to Diana.  There is some really neat stuff on this program even a clip from his Auction show he did which is impposible to find now days but i keep looking. Mr King is a awesome Diana fan and is always doing shows on Diana, This one  was a gem to find.

insidedtionrembersInside Edition Remembers Diana. This Program is from 1998 on the one year anniversary of her death. some great segments and footage as well.(this one will be  uploaded  tomorrow when i get home from work. )

Travel Channel’s Secrets:Princess Diana’s Althorp


I was able to geta hold of this rare Program that aired on The Travel Channel  in 2002. It shows lots of great things such as the Earl Spencer briefing his Employees on the way to treat the people who visit the estate. We also get a chance to see and hear from his second wife Caroline. There are six parts to this show.

New Diana Video Clips added to The Diana Channel

Courtesty of my friend Jody who is in Hungary at the moment  hopefully enjoying the Diana a celebration exhibit. We now have several new Diana video clips and programs coming to the Diana Channel. It will take me awhile to get these shows all moved to dvds and edited for the channel due to my work schedule but i promise to post when I have new ones up.

Now for the newest shows I have uploaded.


Barbara Walters did a special in 1999 called 100 Years of Great Women.  Diana of course was included in this list.  Some great comentary from lengadary women who knew her or wished they had known her,  great footage as well.  


I  first heard about this program when I found a advertisement for it in a collection of clippings, I have been looking for it ever since . Well Jody has been apparently keeping it safe and sound her her video closet. This show also includes some great footage and comments on Diana as well. There are 5 clips to this show.  I hope you enjoy them both until I can get some more uploaded.

DVR Alert: Diana on the ID Channel

It’s that time again time to get your Dvd recorder primed and Clear Some space on your DVR’s and ready to record all things Diana. This Month  we can catch Diana on the Investigation Discovery channel  so far these are the only 2 shows dedicated to her.   If you miss them they will be aired on the Diana Channel next month.
Arch Enemies 
May 28, 4:00 am (60 minutes
Princess Diana vs. The Royal Family
She was the fairytale princess who nabbed Britain’s most eligible bachelor. And, on July 29, 1981, as three quarters of a billion people watched, Prince Charles and Princess Diana took their vows. But what looked like a storybook wedding, was a façade.
Unsolved History
Death of Princess Diana
 May 28, 5:00 am
On August 31, 1997, the world learned of the tragic death of Princess Diana. Her car hit a concrete pillar at high speed in the Pont De L’Alma tunnel in Paris. The driver, Henri Paul, had consumed alcohol, but what other factors lead to the accident?

Passions Diana Episode is Uploaded to the Diana Tv and Movie Index

passionsSome of you may remember the daytime disgrace Passions on NBC.  Well I have included it in the Diana Tv/movie guide for those of you who wish to remember the Diana Story line  they aired during its first week on air.   The soap was aimed at the 18-24 demographic and it becamea hit among those who watched it. I tuned in to see what all the hype was about before I knew about the Diana story line.  Once the show hit the airwaves Diana’s fans lined up to sign pettions to have the show cancelled or at least have them air an apology to Diana’s fans and her family for using her death to help lure viewers to the tv set. Although the  writers said they had honored Diana I had to wonder when I watched exactly how they thought they were doing such a thing.  I never tuned in again to the show after the first week. Boy did I rejoice when the Soap was cancelled in 2008.  To see the video clips you can go here.

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