What The Heck: Diana As Wonder Woman

I found this photo while searching for this week’s Diana photo for the website .

 Who ever came up with this really did a great job. I may have to have T shirt made with this photo its just too  good.


Diana’s Tears Fake Ad

I found this when I did a search for something else this week.  It  looks like it was made to poke fun of the collectible industry.  Looks like it could have beena photoshop item.

Diana Tribute songs to be retooled for Octomom

I have mentioned the Princess Diana Musical Cd in earlier posts but when I came across this. I just couldn’t believe that alot of Diana’s tribute songs are be retooled for the OctoMom????

The Orignal article

Singer releases Octuplet mom tribute album

April 27th, 2009, 12:00 pm · 1 Comment · posted by Lori Basheda

“She’s the Octomom!” and “Leave her Alone!” are two of the songs on a new CD by songwriter/songwriter Karen Sokolof  Javitch.cd-cover_octuplets_page_1

Now before you get all wound up, Javitch says she is doing this to raise money for the kids. She also knows she’s gonna take some heat. “I realize we can all cut her down,” she says, “but the babies are here, so let’s try and be positive.”

Karen contacted Nadya’s attorney and was told that he and Nadya love the songs. She just posted a video on Youtube of her song “Here in the Nursery” (which is now stuck in my head) with footage of Nadya with the octuplets. .

Some of the songs on the cd are re-tooled numbers from ”Princess Diana, the Musical,” which Karen wrote after Di was killed in a car crash fleeing from the paparazzi (it still sells in London). Kind of like how Elton John retooled his song “Candle in the Wind” for Di when it was originally for Marilyn Monroe.

Here’s a stanza from the song “Leave me Alone!” I can’t go any place without you flashing in my face! Whether I’m with my kids, my friends or grocery shopping, you are there, everywhere in my hair! It’s just not fair! It’s just not fair!

Karen says she was in bed at her home in Omaha one night when visions of the octuplets flashed in her head. She couldn’t sleep and went downstairs to her computer to start writing. “I’ve been following her. For some reason it’s a little mesmerizing for me. I don’t know why.”

Diana On the God and Devil Show


I thought I have seen every thing but this cuts the cake here is a animated talk show where you the viewers decide whether the guest on the show go to Hell or Heaven.Thankfully Diana makes it to Heaven  and God gives her a gift. Elton John is not too pleased with God’s decision to bring her back. The Short was directed by Aubrey Ankrum . To view the video click on the photo. Diana doesn’t look too bad as a cartoon either.

** The video is not suitable for younger viewers.