Princess Diana the Legend and Legacy of Princess ON MY TV NETWORK


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On Tuesday, August 28th, MyNetworkTV presents Diana: The Legend and Legacy of A Princess at 8/7c. This 90 minute special, hosted by Joan Collins, will look back at Princess Diana’s beginnings as “Shy Di,” her meteoric rise to a pop-culture icon and the events surrounding her untimely death.

Then at 9:30 pm, The Spirit of Princess Diana will feature psychics who channel the mysteries and unanswered questions that surround Diana’s life and tragic death.


First Photos From the Tv movie The Murder of Princess Diana

“Diana” arriving at the RitzJennifer Morrison  thinking about Diana.Morrison at the scene of the crash.

Today I recieved my televison guide for the week of the 26th of August. Not only was Diana on the cover ( a small photo) inside was full of great programming the only thing is almost all of them start at or around about the same time as the major Diana tv movie film. Still not quite sure how i’ll solve that problem as far as recording goes. but I was thrilled to see some of th first photos from the film in side with a great article about Jennifer Morrison who will be playing the reporter character who trys to find out what really happen on August 31st, 1997. The actress who is playing Diana is Nathalie Brocker a french actress. I will have more about the film on my tv movie page on my main website.