Diana The Musical Cd and Old Clipping

princessdianacdcover250When I first started purchasing Cds for my Diana music collection I came across this delightful cd that is bascially  a musical based on Diana’s life. When you listen  to it you can just imagine the musical play up on stage.Each song represnts a part of Diana’s life such as  my personal favorite ” You Got Style” which pays homage to Diana’s role as a style icon.  During my hunt for Diana clippings I came across a snippet about the artist and the Cd which appeared in the Dec. 25, 2006 issue of the National Enquirer. The website to purchase  the cd is here



The Princess ( a Tribute to Diana ) CD


This beautiful  song was written for Diana  and it also helps continue her charity work. the money raised from this CD go to help The Diana, Princess fo Wales Memorial fund as well as  the Music School for Underprivileged Children of Austrailia. we all know that Diana was seen dancing In Austrailia at least 3 times during her short life. The Princess  takes us back those those days when Diana was happy and dancing. The Princess is also approved by Princes William and Harry.  Order your CD here

Ten Year’s Since You’ve Gone Available On ITUNES

ten-years-wince.jpgThe only tribute song this year to be approved by Prince Harry  is now available for Download on I Tune’s.   I Have had the pleasure to see the video for this song before it was released. This group really blew me away with thier devotion to Diana and her charity work.  All these performers grew up during Diana’s reign as Princess of wales and thier tribute to her is a loving remembeance of her life.

BUY IT TODAY let the group know you appreciate Diana being remembered!


Shine Your Light Cd


I discovered this song Shine your Light while looking for music for the musical section of my website. you can purchase a copy thru the artist’s website.


ITUNEs’s Tribute to Diana


I stumbled upon this on itunes while searching for another song.It is a complitation of  various songs that celebrate the life of Diana , Princess of Wales.This Album is available to purchase on  ITunes.