After Diana: Book Review

I have read the Author’s Previous Diana  books,The Day Diana Died & Diana’s Boys. After Diana is the third book looking at how Diana changed the Royal family. In After  Diana We get more of a indepth look at how Camilla handled herself in the days after the death of the princess and how she continued her campaign to become Charles’s wife.Diana’s boys have grown up in to fine men dealing with the intrusive press in to thier own private lives reporting on thier flaws as well as thier good deeds in honor of thier mother. As with Andersen’s previous books I really enjoyed it. Rating: A


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Diana At Windsor Update

6bf8According to the Dambury Mint Rep I spoke to this evening  Diana at Windsor  could began shipping  the middle of March. However  it could be late in the summer before we actually see her in the flesh. Remember it took almost a year for the first one to ship. This doll  is the last in the series of  two.

A Diana Classic in Doll Size

greenoffshoulder222I love alot of Diana’s 80’s gowns,  I have very few of them in doll size  since the Franklin Mint  collection focused mainly on Diana’s 90’s  fashions.   While on Ebay this week I came across  this version of Diana’s 1988 State dinner gown  for a great  bargin. The outfit comes in two pieces so it is easy to put on the doll and fits like a glove.

1988gowndollI have tried to recreate the actual event that Diana wore the gown on my doll but the choker is too big for the vinyl doll . I have used the Queen’s Order from the Danbury Mint wardrobe.It really brings that Classic Diana look to my doll collection.   The designer is MiniMary on Ebay. I am sure the orignal gown was designed by Catherine Walker if any one knows  if this is true please email me.