Review Of Female Forces Princess Diana Issue

Dianacomiccover I received my copy of the Female Forces comic yesterday. Being a person who is very knowledable about the Princess’s life and times. I have to say the writers did a great job on condesning Diana’s 36year life in to a comic. The detail in the art work is also very good Diana actually looks like her self. They did have to take some liberties with her clothes but the important outfits were usally right on the money. Such as her wedding gown. Some of the auction gowns and  Halo Trust landmines outfit. It was a enjoyable little book and I loved the Scribe that narratated Diana’s story. The folks at Blue water did Diana justice!

Rating: A


The People’s Princess By Larry King

larrykingbookThis book was Larry’s King ‘s 10th Anniversary tribute to Diana. It was not too bad there were some people who I really dont think “knew” Diana ina friendship sense, included in the book. Never the less it was a enjoy able and fast read.I would have to say my favorite story of the book was Larry’s personal story of meeting Diana and her remembering him from the “telly” Rating C

Photos of Diana From Palace Diaries book

As I promised here are the photos from the book The Palace Diaries of Diana.





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The Palace Diaries Sarah Goodall (Awful Book)

 28467663First of all I have to say that I dont expect every one to agree with my feelings on the Late Princess of Wales. I respect other people’s feelings about her.I have read some books that didnt portray her as they way I would like to remember her. Which is a long way from a saint but a person who tried her hardest to fit in to the Royal family. With that said I have to just rant on this author a bit. First of all she is a grown woman who has a crush on the Prince of Wales and in her book this is all we hear about. How poor HRH has to deal with the Bossette. She is really awful about Diana Calling her names through out the book and basically blaming her for the whole marriage failing. We are fed snippets of Goodalls life inside the palace as she is constantly chasing men around and swooning over Charles. That is until Camilla steps in to the picture. She meets Camilla and assumes She is her friend.  All things are ok until Camilla makes it known that Sarah has to go because she feels threatened. Sarah is fired after 12 years of service to her loving prince. The thing that really bothers me is this woman who claimed to so dislike Diana also including several photos of her in the book some I never seen. Although she slams Diana’s employers for writing books and Andrew Morton for helping Diana get her side of the story out she sure knows how to use Diana for her own devices. Dont waste your money of this piece of trash. To save you all from wasting your money for the photos, I am going to post the Diana Photos later on today.

Blood Royal By John Pearson


Blood Royal tells the Story of the Spencers and their relationship with the Royal family through history. I read this book in one day the amount of history in this book is awesome although the chapters are fairley brief. The fascinating tale of each generation’s task of keeping Althorp for the future Spencers was enough to hold your attention . The tale of Diana’s stepmother redecorating the century old  house was really interesting it really needed 2 more chapters on that subject.  Diana’s legacy entered at the end of the book her marriage to Prince Charles forever changed her family’s legacy and fufilled one of thier ancestors biggest goals.  Her burial at the estate has helped  cement her brother’s legacy as the ninth Earl as well and provide her family home some income for its upkeep.  I really enjoyed the book as well as all the little fascianting  tidbits about the family and the estate. If you can locate a copy of this rare book on the family be sure to grab it. Rating: A

Diana Joins the Biographical Series By Hammeray Publishing

If you have a child who has struggled with reading  but  is interested in Diana this book may be a good choice for them. If your a teacher this isa good chance to introduce your class to the People’s Princess. you can purchase it here

Underwater Encounters
Princess Diana – The People’s Princess

 The media loved the drama and turmoil of the Princess of Wales’s life, but her people loved her more. Diana’s quiet and loving nature led her into charity work around the world, working the tough issues like AIDS awareness and landmine victims. Her tragic death in a car crash in 1997 stunned the world, though she lives on in our hearts.

Single  $7.95
6 Pack  $43.00

Let’s Reach 1000 Comics Pre ordered Before July 29th


In effort to help get Diana’s Comic book  off the ground I with the help of my friend Jody dedcided that I should start a ticker  to keep track of how many comics have been preordered before the release date of July 29, 2009.  The goal is 1,000.  It doesn’t matter where you preorder your book either Amazon or as long as you order Diana’s we can count it.  All you have to do to be included in  the goal counter is to just email me at and put Comic in the header.  So let’s get those books ordered!

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