Diana Article to ward off the Cold Weather



England’s Rose Pewter bell


I have seen this bell before on Ebay and often wondered  exactly what she looked like up close . Since a lot of the photos did not do the piece justice. She was sold by  Gimble gifts,  a company which specializing in mail order gifts.  I went on the website and it does not seem to carry the bell any more which is a shame because it is a charming figure .

A Closer look at the Kias Diana

kiasdolls1I was able to get another  ad on the KIAS Diana doll. This is the doll that was named  Princess it seems to be a reminisce of Diana’s Elvis dress.Looking at the facial sculpt is it a shame these dolls were not made.

Monday Night Diana Article. The Show Must Go On



Caption This: The Queen&DI



Monday Night Diana Article: A Personal Loss


Real Photos of Elegance Shoe

shoe11Like I promised a few weeks ago here are the real photos of the Shoe Elegance.  I took photos of the two pieces separately and a comparison photo of the figurine with the shoe so you could get an idea of the size of the shoe. 


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