New From Geri!

Today I have 2 new items to share with you from the awesome Artist Geri!

First is her latest Aceo card Featuring Diana Dancing with John Travolta

Second geri has now taken her artwork to a whole new level we now can wear our favorite Geri’s girls  with her new wearable art So far she has done 2 and one is Diana. The pendant features geris art ona glass tile  and does not come with a chain. Thank you Geri for honoring Diana this way.  


Taking a Trip To Dresses for Humanity II From My Couch


Since I was not able to get to Florida and see this exhibit in person this DVD was the next best thing. First of all the person who took the video took great care to focus the camera and made sure we were able to see the dresses and outfits up close. She took shots of all the photo cards and memorabilia that was on display. The things that were on display were really unique such as several hand written letters from Diana to various staff members.One of the neatest things  that was on display is Diana’s hand written hair appointment schedule.  There were three oufits that I am sure most of of us have not seen before in print or video are also included in the exhibit.This would make a great gift idea for any one who wanted to see this event in person but couldn’t afford the trip to Florida.  If you would like to purchase a copy of this wonderful dvd click  here .

Happy Mothers Day!

The Princess Diana Royal Tea Collection


Hamilton Collections will be releasing a new  series  which will be called The Princess Diana Royal Tea Collection. Each teacup will feature a Portrait of Diana wearing one of her beautiful gowns and the cup feature a lovely interpretaion of  the gown worn by Diana . The series will consist of 6 teacups all together. Each cup will be 5″inches high and will be filled with a English flower.  The first teacup in the series will be England’s Rose.  The Second one will be called People’s Princess and will be filled with White lillies and it will represent the gown Diana wore to the White House state dinner.   The order number is 906093 and each one is priced  at 19.95

Diana Appears in Fabulous Frocks

Diana takes her place in line with her peers in the fashion world in the new book Fabulous Frocks. The book covers the history of the dress and how it has evovled over the years.Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel are featured in the book

A Unique Diana Ornament


 While doing some searching I came across this Diana Ornament available  from the Christmas Mouse for $17.50. If you hurry you may be able to grab this one for a gift.

Great Diana Collectibles

Princess Diana Shoe Figurine Collection

Princess Of Our Hearts Figurine Collection

Exclusive Princess Diana Shoe Figurine Collection Steps Out in Royal Elegance!

As the Princess of our Hearts Series has just ended  we can now look forward to the Shoe Series dedicated to Diana. Hamilton Collection finally announced their new figurine series dedicated to Diana’s iconic fashion sense. Known for her elegant style and stunning evening gowns, Princess Diana was a fashion icon like no other. Now, you can celebrate her unmistakable glamour with this first-ever Princess Diana shoe figurine collection, a Hamilton Collection exclusive! Your stylish journey begins with Issue One, Elegance. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, and additional Princess Diana shoe figurines, each a separate issue to follow.‡
Each figurine in this dazzling collection is inspired by one of Diana’s most famous evening gowns. These limited-edition Princess Diana collectibles are expertly handcrafted of fine resin, hand-painted and adorned with glitter accents and sparkling simulated gems. Plus, each shoe figurine is removable from a matching “shoebox” display embellished with a breathtaking cameo portrait of Diana. These unique collectible shoe figurines make must-have Princess Diana gifts and keepsakes, so don’t miss a step. Very strong demand is expected – order now!This exclusive Princess Diana shoe figurine collection from The Hamilton Collection features:
•Step into the singular style of Princess Diana with this first-ever Princess Diana shoe figurine collection, available only from The Hamilton Collection
•These elegant Princess Diana collectibles are each inspired by one of the Princess’s most famous dresses, worn to much public acclaim and commanding high prices at charitable auction
•Each of the collectible shoe figurines in this stunning collection is fully sculptural, exquisitely handcrafted of fine resin and hand-painted for maximum style and authenticity
•Evening shoe sculptures are designed to resemble the lovely fabric of Diana’s evening dresses and they feature sophisticated details such as ankle straps, simulated pearls and fabulous high heels accented with sparkling simulated jewels and glitter
•Shoe figurines are removable from their matching “shoebox” displays; each “shoebox” display also features a breathtaking full-color cameo portrait of Diana
•Edition strictly limited to 95 casting days, so order now
•Hand-numbered with Certificate of Authenticity
•Measure approximately 3″ H; 7.6 cm H To place your order go hereThe figurines wont make it in time for the holidays but the series would make a wonderful gift just print out the photo and include it in a card witha message that it is on it’s way.


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