It’s true, I am not Dreaming

The Franklin Mint is doing two dolls of Kate Middleton
these would be awesome companion dolls for your Diana doll collection
I have placed my order for both of the dolls they will be doing. I am sure it wont be til after the new year til we see them .But here is a look at what they are working on


Catolog photos of the New Diana Dolls

Today I recieved mycataloge for the Franklin Mint and inside were the new Diana dolls.

Scanned By Dani Of Collecting  Diana
Scanned By Dani Of Collecting Diana

Scanned By Dani Of Collecting Diana



Collector Alert! 2 New Diana Dolls released By Franklin Mint

What a Wonderful surprise it is to find that Franklin Mint Released two more Diana Dolls.

The First one we will discuss is The  Princess Diana Vinyl Portrait Doll – Gray Silk & Pearl Gown


This gown was made by Catherine Walker and was Lot Number 41 in the Christie’s Auction.

Diana Also Wore this gown In the beautiful photo shoot done by Mario Testino.

The Second New Diana Doll is wearing Lot 61A gown Designed By Victor Edelstein. Diana Wore this gown for a official Portrait in the 90s and She also wore it during the photo shoot By Mario Testino   


Captureportrait Tulip61B11F103_largemdB11F103_largejewels

Both Dolls Cost 195.00 and are On 3 monthly payments of $65.00 each 

Order Numbers are

Grey Gown:Item Number: B11F104

Purple Gown:Item Number: B11F103



Doll Designer Dianna Effner’s Tribute to Diana


Today I recieved the flyer for a new baby doll  that is dedicated to Diana.  Her name is Rose and She comes with a Locket of the late Princess as well as a velvet pillow. She is not suppose to be a “Diana” Doll. It looks like to me she is a little girl paying tribute to the princess.  She is made by Ashton Drake and cost 199.00 or 6 payments of 33.00.No word on if this will be a series or not.

Locket of Diana
Locket of Diana


Why I started Collecting Diana Dolls: Franklin Mint Contest Entry

While browsing The Franklin Mint website and checking My account to see if the new Diana has shipped yet.  I  came across  this Share Your Story contest on thier website. I decided to go ahead and write a short piece on why I started collecting Diana Dolls With My daughter Brianna’s help we gathered all of our favorites in our collection and took a group shot to include with our story. The winning prize is said to be worth $250.00 . I wonder what it could be perhaphs a gift certificate. I could sure use one of those.

Here is our story


In 1997 my Daughter was born, I wanted to share my love of doll collecting with her we started with the usuals Barbies and some baby doll type dolls but for some reason I did not feel connected to them and I  knew if this collection was going to mean anything to the both of us the dolls had to be special. August 31st happend and the world lost Diana, Princess of Wales. Like most of her fans I was upset but I then thought to my self what if I could find Princess Diana dolls that were made when I was younger that would be a good start.But locating them at that time was impossible her secondary market prices were through the roof So I quickly dismissed that idea. Then one after noon in the mail I recieved a brochere on the Vinyl Diana Doll that the Franklin Mint was going make in honor of her. I knew then this was my chance to start a historic collection for my daughter . I did not purchase the vinyl one right away I wanted to go to the Franklin Mint store and see the doll for my self . My husband took me there and in we walked and i was likea little kid in a candy store. I asked about the vinyl Diana and unfortunatly they did not have any of her in stock but they did have several Porcelains. After talking it over with my husaband I settled on the Princess of Style Diana Doll. From there I purchased the Vinyl Diana and all of her clothes and the collectors trunk. Here I am 11 years laters and 19 Diana Dolls later and still captivated by the Franklin Mint’s Diana Doll. Even though the Franklin Mint has been through so much drama in the last few years they still managed to give Diana’s fans beautiful dolls in her likeness. I was able to share with my daughter the legacy of The People’s Princess through the dolls clothes and events in which she wore them. Together we enjoy keeping Diana’s legacy alive in our home with these beautiful dolls

A Article on Diana Paper Dolls From 1998

I came across this article in a Doll Magazine from 1998. It has some great information on all the paper doll publications that were produced.




Catalog Picture of New Diana Doll


Today my Franklin Mint catalog arrived in the mail today.The new Diana doll was also included. I am very excited about this one. I think that its the color of the gown that makes it so beautiful and the hair looks fabulous.  The last couple of dolls I have recieved from the Mint the hair has been really great. So if the hair on this one looks half as good as it does in the ad I am going to be really happy. The end of the month is approaching  so she will began shipping pretty soon and I will be sure to have actual photos up as soon as mine arrives.

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