England’s Rose Tea Cup Arrives

After a year wait  the first in the Royal Tea Cup series arrvied.  I have to say I was quite pleased its a real nice size  and as you can see it is about the size of a actual teacup.  The saucer is attached to the bottom.  I cant wait for the second one to arrive I just hope it doesnt take another year to arrive.


Diana By Another Name

of=50,262,442HILARYSINGLEA few weeks ago I was talking to a friend on the phone and she was telling me abouta new figurine that she got in the mail.  “Her name is Hilary but she is really Diana in the Christies  pose.”She says.So I went over to ebay to look at the ended  auction,    I was really  surprised to see this “Hilary” wearing Diana’s Ink blue  Victor Edelestein  gown. The only minor difference is that they placed a small rose on the bow of the gown.  Instead of having both arms behind  her back like in the portrait they just had one  arm by her side holding a clutch purse and a rose.  She is wearing Diana’s siganture choker. I am still confused as to why they chose the name Hilary  for this one rather than something like DIANE  or just Diana. Never the less she looks great with the other Diana’s that I  have. Here are the photos I took of her today  after her arrival.



Who Makes Her: She Is part of the Ladies of Fashion Series by Coalport.

Where to Find her: Ebay  and one other place that has her in stock is Replacements LTD 

Second Shoe in the “Fit For a Princess” series arrives


The second shoe in the Fit fora Princess Series has arrived. This one is called Glamour and represnts Diana’s Ink blue Victor Edelstien Gown she wore to the White house and danced with John Travolta. In the center of the shoe you can see a” saphire” that represents Diana’s famous saphire choker. The top of the shoe box is done in silver which I believe is supose to be the pearls of her choker. the bottom of the box is done ina ruched fashion to represent the bodice of Diana’s gown. finshed off with a portriat of Diana.


Finally the Final Figurine in the “Princess of Our Hearts” series arrives

I have been waiting for the final figurine to make it to my home since December the first one was delivered to some unknown address and was returned to Hamilton Collections. This put my order in backorder status . When I finally figured out what happen to poor Diana.I had to reorder the series in order to get the last one.thank goodness I was able to just order the one and not the whole set of 12.   Well she arrived and she is a very nice ending to the series. She is wearing Lot 71 of the Christies Auction Which was designed by Catherine Walker. Diana Wore the gown to Swan lake at the London Coliseum in 1989. The gown sold for 25, 300 at the auction. The figurine is a beautiful representaion of this gown. I really enjoyed collecting this series it was alot of fun looking forward to the new ones and guessing which gowns they would pick for the series.


The Princess Diana Royal Tea Collection


Hamilton Collections will be releasing a new  series  which will be called The Princess Diana Royal Tea Collection. Each teacup will feature a Portrait of Diana wearing one of her beautiful gowns and the cup feature a lovely interpretaion of  the gown worn by Diana . The series will consist of 6 teacups all together. Each cup will be 5″inches high and will be filled with a English flower.  The first teacup in the series will be England’s Rose.  The Second one will be called People’s Princess and will be filled with White lillies and it will represent the gown Diana wore to the White House state dinner.   The order number is 906093 and each one is priced  at 19.95

England’s Rose Pewter bell


I have seen this bell before on Ebay and often wondered  exactly what she looked like up close . Since a lot of the photos did not do the piece justice. She was sold by  Gimble gifts,  a company which specializing in mail order gifts.  I went on the website and it does not seem to carry the bell any more which is a shame because it is a charming figure .

Real Photos of Elegance Shoe

shoe11Like I promised a few weeks ago here are the real photos of the Shoe Elegance.  I took photos of the two pieces separately and a comparison photo of the figurine with the shoe so you could get an idea of the size of the shoe. 


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