Geri’s latest: Diana At the Braemar Games


This Geri’s First sketch of Diana As Geri’s girl with a hat  it shows Diana in the tartan outfi she wore to the Braemar games in Scotland Notice the Scotland flag n the background. It is now available on Ebay.


What The Heck: Diana As Wonder Woman

I found this photo while searching for this week’s Diana photo for the website .

 Who ever came up with this really did a great job. I may have to have T shirt made with this photo its just too  good.

Geri’s latest: Portrait of Diana

This is one of  my favorite portrait of Diana so I was delighted  when I saw that Geri decided to do this one for her portrait  series. The card is now available on Ebay.

Geri’s latest! Diana’s Catherine Walker Gown

Geri has createda new Diana Card this one features the Princess in the Catherine Walker  ” Grace Kelly” gown you can see it on Ebay and place your bid .