Passions Diana Episode is Uploaded to the Diana Tv and Movie Index

passionsSome of you may remember the daytime disgrace Passions on NBC.  Well I have included it in the Diana Tv/movie guide for those of you who wish to remember the Diana Story line  they aired during its first week on air.   The soap was aimed at the 18-24 demographic and it becamea hit among those who watched it. I tuned in to see what all the hype was about before I knew about the Diana story line.  Once the show hit the airwaves Diana’s fans lined up to sign pettions to have the show cancelled or at least have them air an apology to Diana’s fans and her family for using her death to help lure viewers to the tv set. Although the  writers said they had honored Diana I had to wonder when I watched exactly how they thought they were doing such a thing.  I never tuned in again to the show after the first week. Boy did I rejoice when the Soap was cancelled in 2008.  To see the video clips you can go here.


Diana Tribute songs to be retooled for Octomom

I have mentioned the Princess Diana Musical Cd in earlier posts but when I came across this. I just couldn’t believe that alot of Diana’s tribute songs are be retooled for the OctoMom????

The Orignal article

Singer releases Octuplet mom tribute album

April 27th, 2009, 12:00 pm · 1 Comment · posted by Lori Basheda

“She’s the Octomom!” and “Leave her Alone!” are two of the songs on a new CD by songwriter/songwriter Karen Sokolof

Now before you get all wound up, Javitch says she is doing this to raise money for the kids. She also knows she’s gonna take some heat. “I realize we can all cut her down,” she says, “but the babies are here, so let’s try and be positive.”

Karen contacted Nadya’s attorney and was told that he and Nadya love the songs. She just posted a video on Youtube of her song “Here in the Nursery” (which is now stuck in my head) with footage of Nadya with the octuplets. .

Some of the songs on the cd are re-tooled numbers from ”Princess Diana, the Musical,” which Karen wrote after Di was killed in a car crash fleeing from the paparazzi (it still sells in London). Kind of like how Elton John retooled his song “Candle in the Wind” for Di when it was originally for Marilyn Monroe.

Here’s a stanza from the song “Leave me Alone!” I can’t go any place without you flashing in my face! Whether I’m with my kids, my friends or grocery shopping, you are there, everywhere in my hair! It’s just not fair! It’s just not fair!

Karen says she was in bed at her home in Omaha one night when visions of the octuplets flashed in her head. She couldn’t sleep and went downstairs to her computer to start writing. “I’ve been following her. For some reason it’s a little mesmerizing for me. I don’t know why.”

Article on Diana’s Queen Mary’s Tiara

A neat article on one of Diana’s most famous Tiaras


New Diana Clippings uploaded

messages_updated_007I was able to get a couple of neat Diana clippings uploaded today and in the the Press Gallery.You can find the new ones in the following Catergories:

Diana Comics 2 new comics.

Diana Fashion  3 wedding related clippings.

The Art of Diana 2 old fashion sketches of her .

When you open each new folder look at the bottom to see the new things.


Second Shoe in the “Fit For a Princess” series arrives


The second shoe in the Fit fora Princess Series has arrived. This one is called Glamour and represnts Diana’s Ink blue Victor Edelstien Gown she wore to the White house and danced with John Travolta. In the center of the shoe you can see a” saphire” that represents Diana’s famous saphire choker. The top of the shoe box is done in silver which I believe is supose to be the pearls of her choker. the bottom of the box is done ina ruched fashion to represent the bodice of Diana’s gown. finshed off with a portriat of Diana.


Finally the Final Figurine in the “Princess of Our Hearts” series arrives

I have been waiting for the final figurine to make it to my home since December the first one was delivered to some unknown address and was returned to Hamilton Collections. This put my order in backorder status . When I finally figured out what happen to poor Diana.I had to reorder the series in order to get the last one.thank goodness I was able to just order the one and not the whole set of 12.   Well she arrived and she is a very nice ending to the series. She is wearing Lot 71 of the Christies Auction Which was designed by Catherine Walker. Diana Wore the gown to Swan lake at the London Coliseum in 1989. The gown sold for 25, 300 at the auction. The figurine is a beautiful representaion of this gown. I really enjoyed collecting this series it was alot of fun looking forward to the new ones and guessing which gowns they would pick for the series.


New press clippings and great Diana Memories Coming.

In the next week or so I will be sorting through 100’s of Diana clippings that I recieved in the mail yesterday and I  have some great stuff to share with you all in the next few days. The podcast is a little late because i have been working on some other sections of the website but dont worry as soon as i geta quiet day and get the script together for the podcast it will be up soon.  In the mean time keep those preorders for the Diana comic coming in  it would be great if we reach the goal before th release date!

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