Diana Stickers By Merlin

I purchased these a month ago and I have been searching for the book that they go in to. Apparently this is one of the harder books to get your hands on. So far the only price I have found the book for is $99.00  a little steep for my blood. So far I have only collected 10 stickers so the hunt begans for the book and the rest of the stickers!


1st row:96,38,104,2nd row:105,150,135, 3rd row:184

1st row:96,38,104,2nd row:105,150,135 3rd row: 184


Episode#6 Of Podcast is uploaded

podcastI was able to complete the Memorial Episode for Diana this afternoon . Sadly I only recieved one recorded message to include in the show. I hope next year more people will send in more tributes.

Diana On The WE Tv Network

ditvpicbackAugust 31st

. 1:00 pm Diana: The Night She Died The official investigation into the crash that killed the princess.

 2:00 pm Who Killed Diana? Examining the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana.

 3:00 pm Diana Revealed Details of the life of Princess Diana.

Review Of Female Forces Princess Diana Issue

Dianacomiccover I received my copy of the Female Forces comic yesterday. Being a person who is very knowledable about the Princess’s life and times. I have to say the writers did a great job on condesning Diana’s 36year life in to a comic. The detail in the art work is also very good Diana actually looks like her self. They did have to take some liberties with her clothes but the important outfits were usally right on the money. Such as her wedding gown. Some of the auction gowns and  Halo Trust landmines outfit. It was a enjoyable little book and I loved the Scribe that narratated Diana’s story. The folks at Blue water did Diana justice!

Rating: A

Diana’s Friend and Supporter, Dominick Dunne Has Died

Author and Journalist Dominick Dunne Has Died

7623_dunne_dominick.jpgAuthor and journalist Dominick Dunne has passed away after battling cancer, leaving behind a collection of bestselling novels, a memoir, and two essay collections.

In a mediabistro.com interview last year, the legendary Vanity Fair special correspondent talked about the journalism stories that defined his career: the death of Princess Diana, the O.J. Simpson media circus, and trial for the Menendez brothers. In the last year of his life, he was dedicated to finishing his novel, “Too Much Money,” which will be released in December


you can read his article on Diana at the following links


 Thank you for all your fascinating work Mr Dunn you will be greatly missed.


Diana: Tragic Love On Bio Channel August 31st

ditvpicbackDiana: Tragic Love A balanced picture of the Princess of Wales, with candid comments from people who knew her best. Includes interviews with everyone–from close advisors to her nanny, hairdresser and speechwriter as well as teachers and her personal trainer. Check you local schedule  for airing times.

Be A part of the Memories of Diana Podcast


For the 12th anniversary of Diana’s Passing the Memories of Diana podcast will pay tribute to Diana with some of her quotes and some of her favorite hymns and pop songs. The best part of the show will be your tributes to Diana. All you have to do is use the sound recorder on your computer and your microphone and record your message. Whether it be your favorite Diana memory or your tribute message about Diana It will be played in the show. For more information you can click  Here

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