insteresting Clipping

I found this going through some of my paperstoday and thought I would post it looks like it would be an awesome treat to try during the holidays.


A Unique Diana Ornament


 While doing some searching I came across this Diana Ornament available  from the Christmas Mouse for $17.50. If you hurry you may be able to grab this one for a gift.

The 2008 Diana Tree

2008ditreeOnce again its time to Put up the Diana Tree.Since it is a small stree the Porcelain Diana Dolls would have been too heavy So I used The Princess Beanie Buddy that I found at the yard sale this summer. To make the tree a little bit more kid friendly I used colored lights and gold bulbs and added the little Diana book again this year since it drew so many people to the tree last year. I have included the previous years Diana trees So you can take a look at all the different ones I have done so far.

2005 2006dianatree2006tree2006tree1-small2007