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podcast The third episode of the podcast is uploaded after you listen to the show click on the show notes for the interview from Bluewater Productions


Let’s Reach 1000 Comics Pre ordered Before July 29th


In effort to help get Diana’s Comic book  off the ground I with the help of my friend Jody dedcided that I should start a ticker  to keep track of how many comics have been preordered before the release date of July 29, 2009.  The goal is 1,000.  It doesn’t matter where you preorder your book either Amazon or tfaw.com as long as you order Diana’s we can count it.  All you have to do to be included in  the goal counter is to just email me at  allthingsdi@yahoo.com and put Comic in the header.  So let’s get those books ordered!

Diana The Musical Cd and Old Clipping

princessdianacdcover250When I first started purchasing Cds for my Diana music collection I came across this delightful cd that is bascially  a musical based on Diana’s life. When you listen  to it you can just imagine the musical play up on stage.Each song represnts a part of Diana’s life such as  my personal favorite ” You Got Style” which pays homage to Diana’s role as a style icon.  During my hunt for Diana clippings I came across a snippet about the artist and the Cd which appeared in the Dec. 25, 2006 issue of the National Enquirer. The website to purchase  the cd is here


Another Diana classic in Doll Size

lot601lot60In May of 200o I was fortunate enough to see this gown in  all it’s glory.  It became one of my favorites and it has taken me a long time to find a decent copy of this gown in doll form. It was lot 60 in the Christie’s auction and sold for $24,150 and was purchased by Ellen Petho.  The Doll version was created by Alana Bennett her website can be found here. If you love Diana doll clothes be sure to check out her website to see if your favorite gown has been created.

meanddisdress1me in 2000 with Diana’s Lot 60 Gown on display In Spartanburg Sc.

Diana Book Back On The Shelves

510trv0i2sl__sl500_aa240_An updated paperback version of a Glastonbury author’s book has hit the shelves of bookstores. Princess Diana: The Evidence is by Glastonbury journalist, editor and screenwriterJon King and co-author John Beveridge, of Somerset. Mr King spent more than ten years investigating the circumstances of Princess Diana’s death and has also co-authored the book Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence. The updated paperback includes a 60,000-word critique on the Lord Stevens Report and the inquest into Diana’s death. On Thursday, April 9, Edge Media TV is doing a two-hour special on the book. Further information about the book is available from http://www.consciousape. com.


This is the book that the British government tried to ban! British investigative journalists Jon King and John Beveridge have maintained from the outset that they were informed of a plot to assassinate Princess Diana one week before her death. Three years ago, Royal Butler Paul Burrell’s revelations confirmed their claim. In an astonishing letter written ten months before her death, Princess Diana confirmed that a plot to assassinate her in a ‘road traffic accident’ was indeed planned and carried out by order of the British Royal Establishment. The letter, owned by Burrell and written by Diana in October 1996, reads: ‘This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. My husband is planning an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury, in order to make the path clear for him to marry’. Ten months later, on 23 August 1997, one week before her death, the authors were informed of this same plot to kill Diana. The evidence they uncovered during their subsequent investigation is truly disturbing…
 Notes: this is the same book as Princess Diana The hidden Evidence justa updated cover.

Ashton Drake’s Diana Bride Doll



It has taken me a long time to get a copy of this  advertisement  for this particular doll.  Apparently it was another victim of the memorial fund scare tatics  and was never produced. Although I am not a fan of thier chucky style Diana dolls this one looks very nice  and the bouquet looks almost exactly like Diana’s orignal. it is sad  that it never made it to the production line.  The advertisement appeared in the  April 2000 issue of Doll World.To see the orignal ad go to the Collectible ads link.

Princess Diana As A Paper Doll Monday Night Article

Here is a great article on Diana as A Paper doll. For photos of some of the paper dolls mentioned go to the Diana Paper Doll post.


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