New Diana Video Clips added to The Diana Channel

Courtesty of my friend Jody who is in Hungary at the moment  hopefully enjoying the Diana a celebration exhibit. We now have several new Diana video clips and programs coming to the Diana Channel. It will take me awhile to get these shows all moved to dvds and edited for the channel due to my work schedule but i promise to post when I have new ones up.

Now for the newest shows I have uploaded.


Barbara Walters did a special in 1999 called 100 Years of Great Women.  Diana of course was included in this list.  Some great comentary from lengadary women who knew her or wished they had known her,  great footage as well.  


I  first heard about this program when I found a advertisement for it in a collection of clippings, I have been looking for it ever since . Well Jody has been apparently keeping it safe and sound her her video closet. This show also includes some great footage and comments on Diana as well. There are 5 clips to this show.  I hope you enjoy them both until I can get some more uploaded.


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