My Diana Tv Movie Collection Completed

dianatv One eveing  in 2003 while working on my website I came across a section in the 1997 tv guide on tv films made on Diana’s life. From there the Diana tv movie section was born. Along with my quest to aquire all the tv films . The Movie section is now one of the most popular sections on the All Things Diana  website.I hope it will continue to grow as more films are made on this remarkable woman . Last week I recieved the final film I was missing in the mail The Murder of Princess Diana.  It has been so hard for me to get a hold of this film even though it is fairly recent .  Lifetime has not released it yet on dvd and to get a decent copy off ebay is almost impossible. Thank goodness I had  another contact who was able to to get this film to me for $10.00! I now feel like I have caught up on on the movies and I can now rest until another Diana film is released!

In the next couple of days I will be editing the Murder of Princess Diana  and making a video clip for it for you all to enjoy.


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