Diana Related Game: Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palace

CapturehiddenmystyewriesWhile I was in walmart today picking up some new headphones to record the podcast Icame across this combo pack of two games. I am nota big gaming person so this really had to  grab my  attention. The game is called Hidden Mysteries  Buckingham Palace. Basically its a hidden object game and you have to find all the hidden objects and solve the puzzles at each level. As you do this the mystery is solved at the end of the game. As you play the game you are presented with interesting facts about the Palace. This game is suitable for kids of all ages and very educational.

here are some screen shots of the game

Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palacequeensgallery

So far I have noticed that they have the gold Coach that Diana rode in for her wedding and they have the room where Prince William was christened in  within the game. I have found a place where you could download the game for 6.99 which is a great price.  Hidden Mysteries Buckingham Palace Dowload


Beautiful Vintage Diana Print

vintageDiprintWhile Cleaning out My Diana clippings container I found this vintage poster of Diana among them. It couldpossibly be a old pull out poster from Royalty or Majesty magazine.Since it is pretty old it still has some creases in the middle but I hope over time they will fade away. Never the less it looks fabulous framed. I had to trim it a bit to fit in to the 16×20 frame but  it is a beautiful addtion to the Diana Room

New Video Uploaded


A Clip from the Program Fascinating Women of 1997 from Ladie’s Home journal has been uploaded today on the Diana Channel

The People’s Princess By Larry King

larrykingbookThis book was Larry’s King ‘s 10th Anniversary tribute to Diana. It was not too bad there were some people who I really dont think “knew” Diana ina friendship sense, included in the book. Never the less it was a enjoy able and fast read.I would have to say my favorite story of the book was Larry’s personal story of meeting Diana and her remembering him from the “telly” Rating C

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