Diana Stickers By Merlin

I purchased these a month ago and I have been searching for the book that they go in to. Apparently this is one of the harder books to get your hands on. So far the only price I have found the book for is $99.00  a little steep for my blood. So far I have only collected 10 stickers so the hunt begans for the book and the rest of the stickers!


1st row:96,38,104,2nd row:105,150,135, 3rd row:184

1st row:96,38,104,2nd row:105,150,135 3rd row: 184


Episode#6 Of Podcast is uploaded

podcastI was able to complete the Memorial Episode for Diana this afternoon . Sadly I only recieved one recorded message to include in the show. I hope next year more people will send in more tributes.