New Diana Videos Uploaded to the Diana Channel

I took some time today to fill up a Dvd with some really neat Diana shows. the following shows have been uploaded this evening.

CapturehapersbazzeronetET Takes a look at Harper Bazzar’s Tribute to Diana.

larrykingdianalegacyshowLarry King’s Tribute show to Diana.  There is some really neat stuff on this program even a clip from his Auction show he did which is impposible to find now days but i keep looking. Mr King is a awesome Diana fan and is always doing shows on Diana, This one  was a gem to find.

insidedtionrembersInside Edition Remembers Diana. This Program is from 1998 on the one year anniversary of her death. some great segments and footage as well.(this one will be  uploaded  tomorrow when i get home from work. )


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