Diana By Another Name

of=50,262,442HILARYSINGLEA few weeks ago I was talking to a friend on the phone and she was telling me abouta new figurine that she got in the mail.  “Her name is Hilary but she is really Diana in the Christies  pose.”She says.So I went over to ebay to look at the ended  auction,    I was really  surprised to see this “Hilary” wearing Diana’s Ink blue  Victor Edelestein  gown. The only minor difference is that they placed a small rose on the bow of the gown.  Instead of having both arms behind  her back like in the portrait they just had one  arm by her side holding a clutch purse and a rose.  She is wearing Diana’s siganture choker. I am still confused as to why they chose the name Hilary  for this one rather than something like DIANE  or just Diana. Never the less she looks great with the other Diana’s that I  have. Here are the photos I took of her today  after her arrival.



Who Makes Her: She Is part of the Ladies of Fashion Series by Coalport.

Where to Find her: Ebay  and one other place that has her in stock is Replacements LTD 


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