Exclusive Interview: Young and the Restless Star Thom Bierdz Honors Diana

thom-80s2I make it no secret that I am a major Young and Restless fan I have been since I was able to sit up and watch  tv. I remember when this gorgeous young man stepped on my screen to portray Phillip Chancellor  III In 1986. Thom Bierdz took the show by storm when he came to Genoa City and then left us in mourning in 1989  when his character passed away after drinking and driving and having an accident.  Leaving behind his son Phillip The IV  and a legacy  that would change the show forever.  Little did we know that Thom had  a passion for artwork and is a artist in  his own right.   Shortly after the Murder of his mother  Thom found solace in his artwork and he has created a very telling portrait of Diana,  Like the Princess , Thom donates time painting live to bring both awareness and much needed funds to charities that are close to his heart. To date his art donations has raised over $100,000 for these important causes.

While listening to a Soap Podcast I came across his website and  I was lucky enough to find his email address and contact him today.Not only to  let him know that I was excited about seeing him on my screen again  reprising his role as Phillip III  but also I was able to ask him a few questions about his Diana portrait.  
CaptureDianawithblindfold thom,bierz

Interview With  Thom Bierdz 6/27/09


Dani :What was the inspiration behind the Portriat of Diana and Charles?
 Thom B: she had a bigger than life story –  so unique a life
DANI: Is there a message behind the painting?
Thom B:She did not see the whole picture of what she was getting into. 
DANI:Would you consider your self  a Admirer of Diana, Princess of Wales? If So what was it that you admired Most about her?  
Thom: yes,that she learned to follow her instincts and not be told what to do and not do.
To see some of his awesome artwork you can  go to his Website:  ThomBierdz.com
Now  For those of you who  do not know Phillip III  will be returning,  so far we have only seen glimpes of  him  as “Langley”. His Costar Tricia Cast  who played his wife Nina  has returned  hopefully these two will reunite  soon. 
I want to thank Thom for taking time out of his schedule to do this interview. I will be watching for you on the small screen. 
     A Look at Thom as Phillip III  
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Phillip in Video