Two 80’s Icons Lost in One Day


Micheal Jackson:The King of Pop.

princessd5If you grew up in the 70’s and 80s you will remember the King of Pop as the artist who brought  us  Thriller, Billie Jean and Beat It. Micheal Jackson passed away today at the age of 50. Although he faced many trials and troubles In his life to those of us who grew up during the 80s will always remember him as the one who  taught us the moon walk  and blessed us with his musical talents. He was also a friend of the Princess of Wales who attended his concerts several times over the years the first in 1988. Our condolences are with his family. You can watch  the news clip about this event  here .

Farrah Fawcett:Televison’s Orignal Angel 


The 70’s and 80’s Generation lost another Icon today as well Farrah Fawcett . She becamea international sensation when she posed for the Infamous swimsuit poster that claimed the walls of millions of men and teenage boys around the world.  Like Diana she will always be known as one of the worlds Iconic blondes, Before there the was the Lady Di Hairstyle there was the Farrah Wings her hairstyle was copied among many teanage girls around the globe.   Although She never reclaimed her television fame in a series she went on to make other memroable films such as Small Sacrafices and The Burning Bed. She lost her battle with cancer today but she will always be remembered for her strong determination to fight the disease with courage. Today she earned her real Angel wings. We will miss you Farrah. Our Condolences are with Her family and friends.


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