Diana’s Swanlake Jewels At the Gallery Furniture Store

Furniture Firelookingatdisnecklace

Being From Houston Texas  the news about the Gallery Furniture store fire.  Came as a shock to me,  Mattress Mack  as he is fondly known to us Houstonians  is the owner of Diana’s Swan Lake jewels . I am sure the showroom is where the jewels were on display and as far as I can find out the showroom was not harmed by the fire in any way.  My guess is they are safe and I am awaiting emails from the store for confirmation.

My thoughts are prayers are with Matress Mack and his employees.  They are always the first ones to come to the front when things are bad back home during hurricanes and they devote alot of time to charity.  I am sure this historical  Houston landmark store will rise out of the ashes to be bigger and better.


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