Passions Diana Episode is Uploaded to the Diana Tv and Movie Index

passionsSome of you may remember the daytime disgrace Passions on NBC.  Well I have included it in the Diana Tv/movie guide for those of you who wish to remember the Diana Story line  they aired during its first week on air.   The soap was aimed at the 18-24 demographic and it becamea hit among those who watched it. I tuned in to see what all the hype was about before I knew about the Diana story line.  Once the show hit the airwaves Diana’s fans lined up to sign pettions to have the show cancelled or at least have them air an apology to Diana’s fans and her family for using her death to help lure viewers to the tv set. Although the  writers said they had honored Diana I had to wonder when I watched exactly how they thought they were doing such a thing.  I never tuned in again to the show after the first week. Boy did I rejoice when the Soap was cancelled in 2008.  To see the video clips you can go here.


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