Diana At Windsor Doll Arrives…. The jury Is Still Out On This One.

dianaatwindsordoll-001Today I recieved a surprise when Diana at Windsor From The Danbury Mint arrived. I am not quite sure I am going to be keeping this one good thing I have 30 days to decide.  Here are the reasons why she may make the trip back.The suit is not all that great the Franklin Mint did a much better job on thier version, This one is almost too light.  The stand they gave this one is like the one in the red day dress but for some reason she doesnt stand too well on it. Her right arm that holds the flowers seems to stick out too far from her body for my taste. The wig is very short not much hair to “play” with to make it look more like Diana’s hairstyle.  And her face is much fuller that the first one as well.  So what is it that I do like about it.?Brace your self … The flowers and the hand bag  thats it. Here are the photos I took of her.What do you guys think?



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