Travolta Dress on Ebay

Diana’s famous Travolta gown appeared on Ebay, The auction Ended Dec 27th   with no bidders. The gown is currently on display at Kensington Palace. This gown fetched the most money at the Auction in 1997  at the price of $222,500. The Princess wore this dress to a State Dinner at the White House given by President and Mrs. Reagan, at which the late Princess Diana danced with famed Hollywood actor John Travolta.

This was the night she dances, first with actor Clint Eastwood, then singer Neil Diamond and finally, with John Travolta of Saturday Night Fever fame. Travolta later described the experience: “I was told the White House Party was one of the biggest nights of her life. To say that I was honored, would be an understatement, because it was one of the biggest nights of my life. Nancy Reagan had asked me if I would please dance with Diana because it was her big wish. So I went and asked her. And she blushed. We danced for about ten minutes, every song from the old movies that I’d done. (Including ‘Disco Inferno’ and ‘You  Should Be Dancing’) The floor cleared. It was like a fairy tale. She has great rhythm. I felt like a frog turned into a Prince. We were alone with the world watching and had the time of our lives.” – Actor John Travolta. The gown was listed on ebay for the price of US $700,000.00 . 



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