Remembering Diana On World AIDS Day


Diana single handily brought the plight of AIDS victim to the fore front. In 1987 she held the hand of a AIDS patient, a gesture which shocked the world and the Royal family.Diana showed us that those who suffer from this disease needed support and compassion. In Honor of her work with AIDS we are going to take a look at her speeches she made during her life on the cause.  Even though we have come along way since the 80s we still have alot of work to do in order to find a cure.


Diana, Princess of Wales made a significant contribution to NAT and the global fight against HIV and AIDS in her role as patron from 1991 to 1997.

Princess Diana’s commitment and dedication to raising the profile of HIV helped to challenge the stigma of the virus around the world and her involvement remains an important factor in the high level of global HIV and AIDS awareness today.

NAT continues Princess Diana’s legacy on HIV, by working to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination and to make tackling HIV a priority for both the government and the public.

National AIDS Trust


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