Diana Paper Dolls

purplegown1Get out your scissors and get ready to discover the world of Diana paper dolls. Since the 80s Diana has been  popular with paperdoll artists. Since her death many of her fans have been scrambling around trying to find all the paper dolls of Diana.  Many of these can be found on Ebay as well on the web.


For the Little Princess’s

PaperDolls of Diana were also made for her younger fans as well  Starting in the early 80s with several coloring/paperdoll books.  These were made with the easy punch out dolls and outfits.  Today they are higly sought after by many of the little girls (now adults) who missed out on these the first time around.

Golden Books  by Whitman publishing  Published in the USA


Diana Coloring/Paperdoll books 


Box Paperdoll Sets made for little girls


Collector Paper Dolls 

These dolls were made for the adult collector they are not really made to be played with although the artwork is very good.


Magazine Paper Dolls

Many magazines overseas published paperdolls of Diana in various magazines  Some were even published in Childrens magazines.

dollsmagFrom The Famous Woman Series publish by Doll World.


  From Året Runt in 1983

hv1986_diana1This paper doll comes from the kids pages of Hemmets Veckotidning in 1986.

ar1982_diana1 Året Runt, in 1982

Various Artists

Pat Frey  is my favorite set of Diana paperdolls it was a brilliant idea to include small photos of Diana along with the outfits.  



Sandra Vandrapool


Donald Hendricks


 Brenda Sneathen Mattox

princesses2Part of the Princesses of Wales series

Dawn Jarvis



pdshirleyThese were made as a souviner for the wedding.

Postcard Diana paperdolls


Just Discovered 

by Judy M Johnson


Judy painted this full figure portrait of lovely Diana shortly before she died in 1997, then it was sadly put away for 11 years, until now. By scanning her dresses from photo books, and doing digital alterations on them, Judy has made clothing for the doll, and arranged them in this new book. The costumes are from her happier days with her husband, Prince Charles, during the late 1980s. She was careful to dress beautifully, yet appropriately, for State visits to Canada, France, and Australia.
There are six pages total, including the covers featuring eleven of Diana’s pretty frocks.


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