My top 10 Favorite Diana Photo Books

Diana was undoubtly the most photographed woman in the world. It was only natural to take those photographs of her and publish a book. Some of the most repsected Royal Photographers who followed Diana around the globe did just this very thing.  Today there are books on Diana’ fashion, hair and makeup as well as her worldy travels. So which ones are the best of for photographs of the most photographed woman? Here is my list.

1auctionDresses From the Collection of Diana Princess of Wales.This is the Ultimate Diana photo book it covers the 79 gowns that she auctioned off for charity in 1997. Can only be purchased on Ebay.

29780061214370A Dress for Diana Is the history of the most famous wedding gown of the century. Great vintage photos of the gown in the process of being made along with some background information that was not shared with the public before.

3extraordinaryOrignally printed as 26 partwork series publish from March to september of 1998.    Diana : An Extroadinary Life tells Diana’s complete story from birth to her tragic death. With over 2000 colour pictures, newspaper cuttings, and even the original designer’s sketches of the dresses they made for her, this is the Diana bible. Divided into four sections — Chronicle, In Fashion, The People’s Princess and the Princess of Charities.

451huxiio1ol__ss500_1Diana the Unseen Archives includes lots of early pressphotos from the 80s all the way up to 1997.

59781566492935Dressing Diana A Coprehinsive look at the designers who dressed Diana during her reign as Princess of wales. This is the book most doll  cloth designers use as refernece when creating outfits for the Princess Diana doll  by the Franklin Mint

621358412Diana Portrait of a Princess All the Photos were taken by Royal Photographer Jayne Fincher Who has taken many of the classic Diana photos that we all have come to love.

7ht_va_testino_cover_ssvDiana Princess of Wales At Kensington Palace is book dedicated to Diana’s last photo shoot. Mario tells the story of that special day when Diana was able to just be her self in front of the camera. If you were not able to make it to the exhibit in london to the the photos upclose this book is the next best thing.

8dianafashionDiana Princess of Wales book of fashion a chronicle of Diana’s early 1980s fashions. Wonderful shots of her jewels as well.

9dianalookThe Diana Look by Sue James. More of Diana ‘s 80s fashions along with many desinger sketches and how you can get the Diana look for your self.

1071dzx2jhsbl__sl500_aa240_1Diana Secrets of her style a look at Diana’s Style transformation from the 80s til her death including some sketches as well

This list is comprised from my own private collection of books, I am sure there are many others out there which have much better photos and information. But these are the ones in my library that I consider my favorites.


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