The Worst Tribute to Diana

scan00241In 1998 every one and their sister was claiming to pay tribute to Diana in some form. The worst one I came across was a doll from The International Historical Society. Their tribute to Diana was to be a Angel doll of Diana with fiber optic wings. She would have been given the name  “Still Working Miracles” Diana.The ad for this hideous doll apperared in the August 1998 Doll Reader, it inlcuded a poem.

Oh No  Please don’t weep for me , For I am in peace and harmony

Take me home and you will see my guiding light shining over thee.

I will be your guardian angel today and guide you in a helpful way

I’ll bring you faith and hope to see  the light that shines through eternity.

So love and cherish each day of life teach the children and conquer strife.

Love one another  and give with your heart Inspire peace on earth… what a great start!

So take me in to your home and share a taste of heaven and loving care, I wish most precious things to those who cherish me your, English Rose.

If you were the first 250 people who placed your order you also recieved the still working Miracles Diana collectors plate. All for $119.94. I have never seen the actual doll or the plate which is probably a good thing. I am sure who ever came up with this insulting doll was scared off by the Franklin lawsuit. If the Diana memorial fund had to sue any one it should have been the International Historical Society for thier attempt  make fun of Diana’s good works and compassion.


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