KIAS Princess Dolls

scan0023smA wonderful lady who I purchase many of My Diana adverts from came across this one that showed some really nice Diana inspired dolls.  The advertisement did not mention Diana  but you can tell by looking at the outfits the doll is wearing. Some of them are really good interpretations of Diana’s clothes. The sad thing only one of these dolls were produced and it was the  Sparkling Princess a  interpretation  of the “Elvis” gown Diana wore to Hong Kong. The dolls were to be 22 INCHES tall and ranged in price from $69.00 to 195.00  They were given names like Rosebud Princess, London Princess, Spring time Princess, Sunday Princess, Teatime Princess, Valentine Princess,  Princess, Champagne Princess, Starlight Princess, Sparkling Princess, Golden Princess and Angel Princess.  it is my guess that production on the dolls was stopped as soon as the Franklin Mint lawsuit started. Once the lawsuit was in full swing ,companies who were going to create dolls in Diana’s likeness became paranoid and changed thier minds.  It looks like this series of dolls was one of it’s victims.To see the dolls upclose check out the Diana Collectible advert  website it will be uploaded there this  afternoon.


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