My top 10 Favorite Diana Books part 1

Diana  tell all books have been coming out for years and I have collected quite a few of them. After awhile you can get tired of reading Diana’s story over and over Especially if it starts  July 1,1961.So here is my list of 10 Diana books you should read if you are captivated by her life  and want to know more.  

1The closest thing we have to Diana’s Autobiogrphy

2.The tragic ending to Diana’s life is told in a tasteful way. Besure to have plenty of tissues handy

3Edwards really did Diana Justice in this book

4Written with Diana’s mother as a way to set the record straight as to what Diana’s Childhood was really like and how thier realtionship as mother and daughter evolved over the years.

5Written By Diana’s first employer Mary Robertson. A wonderful look in to Diana life before she became the most famous woman in history. 

6The Story of what happended that night From the sole survivor of the crash Although the books focus’s mostly on His recovery I found the book fascinating especially as I got to the chapter about how they basically rebuilt his face after the crash

7The Butler’s first attempt to make Money off of his life with Diana. It recieved a lukewarm reception from Diana’s fans. I didnt have a problem with the book my self except i found my self grabbing tissues every other chapter. 

8The Butler’s second book on Diana this one had a little bit more information such as his trial at Old Baily for stealing Diana’s things etc. The photos were interesting as well.

9A fascinating look at the parrelles between the two women.

10A look at Diana’s relationship with her sons and how her death has affected thier lives today

Next week I will post my favorite books for Diana Photos.


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