New Dolls Coming For 2009

The Danbury Mint Has announced that they will  release a second Diana Doll  She is to be named Diana at Windsor.  Since it took over year for the first one to be released i dont expect to see this one shipping until next year sometime. She is supposed to be priced at 119.00 just like the first one.


The Second Doll I am looking forward to is bascially Diana in the Fushcia silk dress.This One has caused alot of people in the Diana comunity some grief. The orignal doll wearing this gown was named the Princess of Radiance and was limited to 75 dolls  worldwide.  She was sold at a doll expo that very few Diana  collectors attended.  However the doll’s secondary market price skyrocketed and many laid down alot of money to aquire one of the 75 Radiance dolls. The only difference from the orignal doll and this reissue is the Pearl Choker.  She is priced at 195.00 and can be found on the website at  Here


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